Alberta’s Politics: The Second Crime Scene

One of the things that my father-in-law taught his kids was the principle that you should always act as though the second crime scene will be worse than the first. If some stranger tries to grab you in order to get you into his van, you should have the showdown right there on the sidewalk because where he wants to take you is going to be worse than whatever it is he is doing right now. The second crime scene will be worse than the first.

Douglas Wilson, March 2021

This week we ask for your careful and prayerful consideration of the past three years in Alberta and Canada, from the jailing and fining of pastors over holding worship services during COVID, to the firing of doctors, nurses, and essential service workers over vaccine mandates, to the continued barring of unvaccinated travellers from and within Canada.

We pray especially for the court reporters, clerks, legal assistants, judges, witnesses, and Justice Centre lawyers overseeing the case involving Heights Baptist, Northside Baptist et al vs. Alberta and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

May the Lord’s provision and protection surround them, and may the truth come to light, bringing peace and a sense of justice and understanding to all sides in the case and therefore to us as a community.

May any and all wrongdoing against and/or by the church and AHS be brought into the full light of day, that we may face it in full knowledge and act accordingly. May we all learn to repent well of any sins, and may the churches stand firm for their freedoms of association and peaceful assembly. Should it be found that AHS acted unjustly towards these and other churches causing unjust imprisonment, we pray that those responsible are limited in their ability to cause harm to the church body, and repent or be removed from their office.

We also pray and brace for our provincial Premier’s upcoming leadership review, for its fallout, and for strength and unity for the churches across the province, come what may. May our leaders be granted faith and repentance, not lean on their own understanding, but wholly and fully acknowledging God’s lordship and immutability, remembering that one day they must give an account to God for even careless words they’ve spoken.

Above all, may the God of peace guard our minds and hearts in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)

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