Worship With Us

Each Sunday at 1:30 pm, All Saints’ Anglican Church, 404 4th Ave N


Covenant follows a traditional liturgy (from the Greek word leitourgia, meaning ‘public service’, leitourgos ‘minister’, and lēitos ‘public’ + ergos ‘working’, or in other words, ‘the work of the people’), which varies each week and lasts about an hour and a half, followed by announcements and a frequent but optional meal following the service.

Our liturgy often includes excerpts from the Westminster Confession of Faith, private confession of sin, prayer, a weekly sermon, and both recorded/contemporary and live/traditional hymns throughout the service. We’re currently exploring the Cantus Christi Psalter and Hymnal, so you can expect to learn a new song or two regularly right along with us.

Most of what you will need to participate in the service is projected on screens on the front wall.


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each Sunday during the service with wine, juice, bread, and gluten-free options. All believing adults and children who are baptized are welcomed and invited to receive communion.


We are immensely thankful for the facilities the Lord has graciously provided for us to gather together in Cochrane.

Our current worship building is All Saints Anglican Church, which itself has a fascinating history dating back to the year after Cochrane Ranche was established in 1881. (The Canadian Pacific Railway granted the town site in 1885.)

Visitors are always welcome, and plenty of parking is available at the parking lot beside the church building, which is also wheelchair accessible.

There is no barrier to enter the building and the aisles are wide. There are handicap-marked parking spots near the front door, and there is also a handicap washroom on the main level. The sanctuary has wide aisles and is accessible right up to the altar area.


Children of all ages are welcome to join us in the service, and for younger children who get fussy, there is a play area with toys that parents can sit with them in. It has large windows looking into the sanctuary, and a speaker system so parents can still hear the service.

We also have crayons and colouring pages available for free to keep little hands occupied.


At our church we take care to avoid imposing unnecessary rules upon members.  That said, we must not ignore the fact that the Bible teaches principles that govern our conduct, including what we wear.

Therefore, we aim to dress modestly and respectably to keep our focus on Christ during the service; our congregation also tends to get dressed up for special holidays like Easter and Christmas.

It bears repeating, however, that all are welcome, and we wouldn’t want a particular style of attire to become a barrier preventing you from visiting us.


Self-serve coffee, tea, and water are available throughout the service.


We aim to enjoy a homemade meal and fellowship together after each service. If you’re visiting, please do not feel obligated to bring food – there’s plenty to go around!

And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers… (from Acts, chapter 2)