Join us at our NEW Time & Location

🚨BIG NEWS – WE’VE MOVED!🚨 With thanks to the Lord for his abundant provision and to the generous church leadership at All Saints for cheerfully sharing their space with us, we’re excited to announce our NEW Sunday service location and time, beginning today: ✨ 1:30 PM✨All Saints Anglican Church (404 – 4th Avenue North) ThisContinue reading “Join us at our NEW Time & Location”

Our Civilizational Crisis of Faith

Socrates in the City has resumed filming after Covid to host Christian author and speaker Os Guinness and discuss the big picture questions we all seem to be asking, as we recover not only from the pandemic but seek to address the last several years in the West. In case you’re not familiar, Mr. GuinnessContinue reading “Our Civilizational Crisis of Faith”

The Singing Revolution

🎉Happy New Year!🎉 As we prepare for another year of prayer, fasting, worship, and keeping a watchful eye on the news, let us dwell for a moment on the faithful saints who’ve gone before us. The Singing Revolution shares how, between 1987 and 1991, hundreds of thousands of Estonians gathered publicly to sing forbidden patrioticContinue reading “The Singing Revolution”

What Should Our Christian Posture to the World Be?

In an episode of Life and Books and Everything last May, Kevin DeYoung read from the article he wrote for WORLD Opinions on seven principles for cultivating a Christian posture toward the world. I found these last two points particularly helpful to think through, especially as we navigate the year ahead: #6 Approach cultural andContinue reading “What Should Our Christian Posture to the World Be?”

Great Reset Source Material

A lot of us are wondering lately, where is this all going? Who is steering the ship? Who gets to say what happens next, or what other restrictions get put in place? Of course, as Christians, our ultimate allegiance is to the Lord himself, but it’s helpful to know and be able to anticipate whatContinue reading “Great Reset Source Material”

Books on Prayer (not to be confused with “prayer books”)

🎁 Looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones? 🎁 Imagine if you could wrap and present them with an entire box of a year’s worth of answered – and perhaps mercifully unanswered? – prayers. While our material focus can sometimes be overdrawn to stockings, mistletoe, decorations, The Perfect Gift List, and impressingContinue reading “Books on Prayer (not to be confused with “prayer books”)”

Kids’ Musical Catechism

Volume 1 Volume II Volume III Diana Beach Batarseh has put all of the children’s catechism questions into song form; if you’ve used the Children’s Catechism before, it’s the same wording. H/T to Reformed Mama for reviewing these a long time ago; I stumbled upon these looking for resources to sing along with during familyContinue reading “Kids’ Musical Catechism”

🕯️Christmas Service 🕯️

This Christmas season, our doors are open to all in need of a Saviour, Redeemer, Healer, Lord, Forgiver, Rescuer, and Friend. Come and celebrate the glorious feast marking the anniversary of Jesus’s birth with us on Sunday, December 25th at 10:30am at our regular meeting spot at Ippon Dojo; we’ll be hosting our regular fullContinue reading “🕯️Christmas Service 🕯️”

5 Christmas Movies Actually About Christ

From Focus on the Family, here are 5 Christmas movies to enjoy in anticipation of the celebration of Christ’s incarnation: 2. The Star (2017) 3. VeggieTales’ The Little Drummer Boy (2011) 4. The Three Wise Men (2020) 5. Christmas With the Chosen: “The Messengers” (2021) Bonus: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) and a personal family favourite of ours, notContinue reading “5 Christmas Movies Actually About Christ”

Pro-Life Resources

PRO-LIFE DEEP DIVE Ready to jump in? This is a stack of books curated to equip and engage you with the most thoughtful questions surrounding the humanity of the unborn, including addressing the most common street-level and academic objections of all stripes to the pro-life view. Collect them all, or work through them one-by-one; they’re bound toContinue reading “Pro-Life Resources”