The Singing Revolution

🎉Happy New Year!🎉 As we prepare for another year of prayer, fasting, worship, and keeping a watchful eye on the news, let us dwell for a moment on the faithful saints who’ve gone before us. The Singing Revolution shares how, between 1987 and 1991, hundreds of thousands of Estonians gathered publicly to sing forbidden patrioticContinue reading “The Singing Revolution”

What Should Our Christian Posture to the World Be?

In an episode of Life and Books and Everything last May, Kevin DeYoung read from the article he wrote for WORLD Opinions on seven principles for cultivating a Christian posture toward the world. I found these last two points particularly helpful to think through, especially as we navigate the year ahead: #6 Approach cultural andContinue reading “What Should Our Christian Posture to the World Be?”

Luther and His Message for Today

What, then, are the true questions? There is no difficulty in answering. Martin Luther answers. How did he start? How did he become the man he was? What led to the Protestant Reformation? Do you know the answer? Here is the first question, and here is the first question that the Christian Church needs toContinue reading “Luther and His Message for Today”

Historical Evidence for Jesus

These are some of our favourite books for investigating the historicity, or historical authenticity, of the claims, life, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However… ⭐️It’s helpful that we have a firm foundation of what constitutes evidence in order to gain the assurance that Jesus did rise from the dead, which the first three books onContinue reading “Historical Evidence for Jesus”

Gospel Resources

Gos•pel means “good news”, derived from Anglo-Saxon “god-spell” meaning “good story”, derived from ‘evangelium’ (Latin) and ‘euangelion’ (Greek), meaning ‘good news’ or ‘good telling’. It’s also a shorthand term for the record of Jesus’ life and teaching in the first four books of the New Testament. Have you ever wondered how to explain the gospel?Continue reading “Gospel Resources”

An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau

TO: the Prime Minister and Federal Government, We are writing to you as representative pastors of Christian congregations from across the nation and as law-abiding citizens who respect the God-defined role of civil government and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest law of our land, which recognizes the supremacy of God overContinue reading “An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau”

Let the People Enjoy

In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson discusses the Canadian truckers, Justin Trudeau, and the strategic advantage of having a good time. (True up until February 13). “One of the things Alinsky got right was his sixth rule: ‘A good tactic is one your people enjoy.’ For a premier exhibit of theContinue reading “Let the People Enjoy”

Why Children Matter

Ever looked at the Bible as a parent or guardian and thought, how on earth does this apply to me and the kids in my care? What wisdom can I use in this situation? Or how do I instruct and discipline my kids? Doug and Nancy Wilson of Moscow, ID, USA give two long parentingContinue reading “Why Children Matter”

If you were living in a totalitarian system, who would tell you?

A lengthy but helpful thought experiment: Even the most faithful believer in the prevailing system has likely heard rumblings of rumored objections to the prevailing narrative. Some examples include the claim that the covid vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission—Or that natural immunity provides much stronger protection than the vaccines (in addition to actually preventingContinue reading “If you were living in a totalitarian system, who would tell you?”