Upholding Christian Ethics: Ligonier 2022 Conference

The video feed from the 2022 Ligonier National Conference in Orlando, Florida, is up! Here’s the trailer for the conference:

From the event page:

The holy character of God is the absolute standard of right and wrong. And He has spoken. Therefore, to reject Him and abandon His Word is to undermine the foundation of morality. How can Christians live with integrity as we engage a world where God is hated, immorality is celebrated, and the truth is suppressed?

Our 2022 National Conference will explore the crucial topic of Christian ethics. As we consider how divine revelation addresses the moral confusion that surrounds us, we can be better prepared to stand for the truth, love our neighbors well, and seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Synopses of each talk and seminar are below; they average about 30 minutes each and are perfect break time listening.

Listen to the conference on YouTube here.


Stephen Nichols: The Image of God

One of the most foundational aspects of a faithful Christian ethic is the truth that we are made in the image of God. In this message, Dr. Stephen Nichols explores what it means for men and women to be made in God’s image and considers how this truth is one of the primary starting points for approaching all ethical questions.

Michael Kruger: The Truth About Marriage

In creation, God established the one-flesh marriage relationship of husband and wife for procreation, for companionship, and for carrying out His mandate to take dominion over creation to His glory. In this message, Dr. Michael Kruger examines the Bible’s teaching on marriage, considering the ethical implications of God’s design for marriage.

Michael Reeves:

The Bible & Ethics

The Bible is our only infallible guide to faith and practice, and therefore the Bible gives us the ethical principles by which we can bring glory to God. In this message, Dr. Michael Reeves considers how Scripture is the normative guide for ethics and how we are to use God’s Word to formulate ethical standards.

Standing Firm in the Truth

As Western culture becomes more overtly hostile to the Christian faith and to the freedom of believers to follow God’s Word in all of life, we face the temptation to compromise biblical teaching for the sake of peace and prosperity. In this message, Dr. Michael Reeves calls us to stand firm on God’s Word when we are asked to surrender biblical truth.

Steven Lawson:

Total Depravity

The reason why Christian ethics are needed in our day is because man is totally depraved. Though man knows what is right, he insists on what is wrong and even suppresses the truth (Rom. 1:18). In this message, Dr. Steven Lawson considers the sinfulness of humanity and identifies our only hope for righteousness in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is only in being redeemed that we can understand the true foundation of ethics.

The Importance of the Word of God (Seminar)

If God had not given us His Word, we would be lost forever in sin and darkness. In this seminar, Dr. Steven Lawson considers the essential role that the Bible plays in the life of every Christian and exhorts us to cherish the Scriptures as God’s precious gift to us.

Pressing On (Seminar)

How do we press on faithfully in the work that the Lord has prepared for us? In this seminar, Dr. Steven Lawson addresses the challenge of persevering in faithful obedience to God for the good of His church and the glory of His name.

Harry Reeder: Gender & Sexuality

In our era of confusion regarding gender and human sexuality, there is a great need for Christians to understand what Scripture says about these core matters of human identity. In this message, Dr. Harry Reeder expounds on the Bible’s teaching about these ethical issues, emphasizing the truth of the gender binary, proper sexual desire and its right expression, and other related topics.

Leading Well (Seminar)

What does effective, godly leadership look like in the church and in the world? In this seminar, Dr. Harry Reeder presents biblical principles for leadership to help us honor the Lord and serve His people well.

W. Robert Godfrey:

Statism & Socialism

Throughout history, civil governments have frequently set themselves up as the final arbiters of right and wrong, demanding that people surrender all their rights and identities to the state. In this message, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey considers the threat of statism in general and its manifestation in socialism in particular, exploring ethical concerns related to the proper role of the civil magistrate according to Scripture.

The End of Ethics

As with every other aspect of life, we engage in ethical reasoning and make moral decisions not merely for our good and the good of others but ultimately for the glory of God. In this message, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey considers the glory of God as the end of ethics, considering how God’s free grace puts us in a right relationship with Him and then empowers us to seek the good of others in gratitude for our salvation and for the sake of the Lord’s final glory.

Derek Thomas: Showing No Partiality

God’s Word mandates equal justice for all, commanding us to show no partiality on the basis of external factors such as socioeconomic status or ethnicity. In this message, Dr. Derek Thomas examines what Scripture has to say about the sin of partiality, exhorting us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, no matter their nationality or place in society.

Burk Parsons: The Sanctity of Life

Christianity has stood out historically for its high view of the sanctity of life, proclaiming that we must preserve and protect the lives of all people, including the most helpless among us. In this message, Dr. Burk Parsons guides us through the Bible’s ethical principles on the sanctity of life.

Sinclair Ferguson: A Holy City

Our holy, righteous, and triune God is the source of our ethics, and He is directing all of history toward His sure end. That end will not only glorify Him but also result in a new heavens and new earth—a perfectly ethical universe. Christians will dwell in the new Jerusalem, where righteousness dwells fully and finally. In this message, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson considers the hope that Christians have in the future because of God’s redemptive purposes.

Parsons and Thomas: Suffering, Assurance, and the Sovereignty of God (Seminar)

No matter what we endure in this fallen world, Christians can take comfort and courage in knowing that God is working all things together for the good of His people. In this seminar, Drs. Burk Parsons and Derek Thomas discuss the relationship between the sovereignty of God, human suffering, and the assurance of salvation.

Ferguson and Godfrey: The Christian Sabbath (Seminar)

How should Christians think of the Sabbath? Are God’s people required to keep the fourth commandment today? In this seminar, Drs. Sinclair Ferguson and W. Robert Godfrey speak on the significance of the Lord’s Day as the Christian Sabbath.

Ferguson and Godfrey: The Significance of Union with Christ (Seminar)

Central to our identity as Christians is the reality that we live in spiritual union with our Lord Jesus Christ. In this seminar, Drs. Sinclair Ferguson Godfrey and Derek Thomas expound on the importance of this union for our lives as believers.

Godfrey and Nichols: Standing Firm (Seminar)

How can Christians remain committed to the gospel and the Word of God in a world where they find themselves increasingly marginalized and belittled for their faith? In this seminar, Drs. W. Robert Godfrey and Stephen Nichols consider the necessity of remaining steadfast in our devotion to the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

Panel Discussions:

  • Question & Answers with Ferguson, Godfrey, Kruger, Lawson, and Thomas
  • Question & Answers with Nichols, Parsons, Reeder, Reeves
  • Questions & Answers with Ferguson, Godfrey, Lawson, Nichols, Parsons, and Thomas

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