Let the People Enjoy

In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson discusses the Canadian truckers, Justin Trudeau, and the strategic advantage of having a good time. (True up until February 13).

“One of the things Alinsky got right was his sixth rule: ‘A good tactic is one your people enjoy.’ For a premier exhibit of the potency of this rule, look no further than the good time being had by our very best friends, the Canadian truckers. They are having one heck of a good time, and the people they are protesting are a tangled and upset knot of fussing, finger-wagging, blame-shifting, recriminations, denunciations, censures, cancellations, fines, and threats of prison time. And the more they fulminate, it just gets worser and worser.”

“Rules for Reformers” https://mycanonplus.com/tabs/search/b…

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