Great Reset Source Material

A lot of us are wondering lately, where is this all going? Who is steering the ship? Who gets to say what happens next, or what other restrictions get put in place?

Of course, as Christians, our ultimate allegiance is to the Lord himself, but it’s helpful to know and be able to anticipate what other voices might try and demand our attention, respect, and allegiance as they attempt to predict the future.

As you may or not be aware, in 2020 at the start of C0vid, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and Monthly Barometer author Thierry Malleret produced the following document which “considers its far-reaching and dramatic implications on tomorrow’s world.”

(NOTE: This is NOT an endorsement.)

The book’s ostensible main objective, in the authors’ own words, is: to help understand what’s coming in a multitude of domains. Published in July 2020, in the midst of the crisis and when further waves of infection may still arise, it is a hybrid between a contemporary essay and an academic snapshot of a crucial moment in history. It includes theory and practical examples but is chiefly explanatory, containing many conjectures and ideas about what the post-pandemic world might, and perhaps should, look like. (highlight added)

It is an all-encompassing treatise and worldview, with sections devoted to economics, society, geopolitics, the environment, technology, industry, finally culminating in the individual, including “redefining our humanness” and whether we’re proverbial devils or angels (yes, it really uses that language) navigating our primal fear of death.

While reading, ask yourself (for starters): what is the set of assumptions or facts relied upon? Do the conclusions follow from the premises? How might definitions be altered to fit a narrative? And how do these founders borrow language from Christianity that might appeal and persuade people otherwise?

Read with a giant grain of salt and discernment here, if you haven’t already.

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