Caldron Pool Interviews Douglas Wilson

Evelyn Rae chats with Pastor Douglas Wilson about the church’s response to government-imposed mandates, the current state of evangelicalism, the importance of classical education, the need for a proper understanding of eschatology, and more.

I first started paying attention to Caldron Pool last year during the lockdowns; Evelyn Rae is a former police officer turned journalist living in Australia (New South Wales?). Her interviews primarily focus on the lockdowns from a Christian perspective, though you’ll find access to news coverage on current events as well.

This interview covers a lot of ground, but it’s primarily focussed on the North American church’s response to mandates as the fruit of its view of government, and one step back from that, its view of the humanity and the future.

An hour well spent.

As an added bonus, check out the C.S. Lewis-inspired story behind their name.

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