Good Truckaritans

God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise, and I have a sneaking suspicion these truckers – straight talking and clear thinking as they are – are about to teach the pointy-headed a thing or two or three about neighbourliness.  They are standing to fill a gap.  Their neighbours’ faces are being ground up, and the truckers are standing.  The pastors should have stood between the sheep and the wolves.  Busier trying to look neighbourly than actually be neighbourly, they’re now being outpaced by 100,000 big rigs barreling through snow drifts on the Trans Canada Highway to face the wolf and drive him away.  In one sense, the truckers are doing what the church should have done, and the nation is resurrecting from a slumber as the convoy pushes through inspiring courage in each passing town.  Liberty from tyranny is starting to smell like burning diesel fuel. The truckers just might be the Good Samaritans we’ve been waiting for.

Pastor Jacob Reaume, Trinity Bible Chapel

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