Church, Magistrate, and Law

By Andre SchuttenJoe BootNathan OblakRyan ErasTim Stephens  / November 17, 2021


What, Joe [Boot], you’re mentioning about the people in Egypt and how they blamed Moses and Aaron for how essentially the government – Pharaoh – was viewing them because of Moses and Aaron’s response towards them. And that was probably the biggest issue I dealt with: this idea of witness or testimony.

And so when the media writes about my imprisonment or my arrest, they portray it in such a way: ‘here is a lawless individual who doesn’t care about anybody but himself and his own rights, and he’s not realizing we’re in a pandemic and people’s lives are at risk.’ And so when Christians hear that they say ‘oh, that’s a terrible witness,’ because ‘look, the world doesn’t like the church.’ But it’s helpful to remember that of course the world doesn’t like the church. This has just provided the world a reason to say what they always wanted to say about the church.

– Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church

Listen to the full 60mn interview below at the Ezra Institute:

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