No Papers Required

If you’re overwhelmed by the deluge of information back and forth about infectious disease, two Calgary doctors at the Children’s Hospital have addressed open letters with multiple pages of citations to the powers that be.

Given that we seem to be preparing for the force of mandates to come to roost on children, it may be helpful to see these letters of opposition as resources to establish facts before simply complying on behalf of a population, namely, said children, who cannot advocate in the public arena for themselves.

These papers are by no means exhaustive, though they will certainly help clarify where the debates lie, help build your vocabulary around this issue, and provide a road map to some studies.

It should also be noted that both doctors risked their reputations and careers by coming forward, contrasted with the multimillionaires who are being paid to push a narrative forward by force of their sponsors: our municipal, provincial, and federal governments. As with anything, it’s good to ask: who benefits? Or who owns the risk?

For your consideration:

Dr. Eric T. Payne, MD, MPH, FRCP(C)
Pediatric Neurocritical Care & Epilepsy
Alberta Children’s Hospital
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Neurology, the University of Calgary

Click to access Sep-15-FINAL-PAYNE-CPSA-letter.pdf

Dr. J. Michael Vila, M.D., F.R.C.P.C. Pediatrician
Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine Alberta Children’s Hospital

Click to access Letter-to-AHS-vaccine-mandate-Sept-21-2021.pdf

Photo by Nataliia Kvitovska on Unsplash

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