What is the History of Scripture?

Author Jonathon Van Maren interviews Timothy Mahoney:

Mahoney travels around the Middle East and across Europe and America, interviewing archaeologists, scholars, and experts on evidence for the biblical Exodus, the authorship of the Pentateuch, and the location of the Red Sea crossing. These films are not just homeschooling curriculum videos designed to convey information—they are deeply investigative, featuring interviews with scholars who disagree on everything from the location of key places to whether or not certain events actually occurred. Mahoney does the heavy lifting, and the resulting films are extremely educational and very eye-opening.

Especially fascinating is the evidence Mahoney uncovers for the biblical narrative that I’d never come across before—such as his investigation into Hebrew sojourn in Egypt, for example:

A settlement of people was found under the ancient city of Rameses that matched the story of Joseph and his family arriving in Egypt. This evidence had previously not been linked to the Bible because it was from a level that was lower (or older) than what was expected for the Israelites. The settlement started as a few houses of foreigners from the north that were allowed by Egypt to live there – just as Pharaoh allowed Joseph’s family to come in and settle in Egypt. In the middle of this settlement was a Syrian-style house, which was the type of house used in the area of Haran where Joseph’s father Jacob, and his great grandfather Abraham came from. After a while, this house was flattened and on top of it was built a royal palace, however the occupant was not an Egyptian but a high official from the Canaan/Syria area who wore a multi-colored coat. Behind the palace was a cemetery with a pyramid tomb (something usually reserved for Egyptian royals) and 11 other major tombs. All of these discoveries matched the biblical account of Pharaoh rewarding Joseph for saving Egypt and Joseph and his 11 brothers dying and being buried in the land of Egypt. And this is just one of many pieces of evidence I’ve learned about that match the history recorded in the Bible.

Mahoney’s documentaries are packed with such stories, and combined with his BBC-quality on-site footage, his films are beautiful as well as educational.

Most recently, Mahoney released the documentary The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire by director Christophe Hanauer. Hanauer investigates the backdrop of the Book of Revelation, visiting the sites of the churches mentioned in Scripture. Having recently traveled to Turkey to visit Ephesus, Smyrna, and other Christian sites, the phenomenal footage Hanauer includes makes the documentary well worth the watch. To discuss this latest project, Tim Mahoney joined me to answer a few questions.

Read the full article here.

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