Doug Wilson’s No Quarter November

Douglas Wilson kicks off his annual No Quarter November today with a long discussion on the status of StickerGate, their dust-up with local Moscow authorities over mandate protest stickers.

As an added bonus:

“This month there will be multiple free book giveaways, both from the Mablog Shoppe and from Canon Press. This first one today is from the Mablog emporium. If the giveaway is from Mablog, the free item will be available at no charge for a week, unless I forget to switch it back to the regular price of one dollar. If that happens, then help yourselves as long as my dotage continues. When the giveaway is a Canon title, I will let you know what the terms and conditions are at the time.”

You’re encouraged to tune in, debate, make observations, and think wisely about how to engage Canadian culture this month.

The inaugural full article may be read here.

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