On Humming “A Mighty Fortress” Through Your Masks

Posted on  by Douglas Wilson

To bring it back to this issue of masking and vaccines, I believe that a lot of ministers have sinfully disgraced themselves by simply accepting the chains. I also believe that there have been many others who were foolish, but not rebellious. Some ministers have revealed that they were themselves wolves. They think the slavery is good for us. Other ministers foolishly failed in their calling by not recognizing the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They do not see (yet) that it is slavery, and that the slavery is really bad. They ought to see it, but they don’t….

The secular mind has a dark totalitarian streak that runs right down the middle of it. The idea of a genuinely free people, with every man under his own fig tree, is an idea which gives them the jimjams. It is misguided to assume that we all share a common commitment to liberty. Some people actually detest it. They don’t want it. They want their idea of an orderly society. They don’t like freedom. They want you to learn how to live according to their dictatorial whims. Now of course they don’t call it slavery. They don’t call it prison. It is sort of dry terrarium, well-lit, with white sand on the bottom, and you are the lizard. 

Given that we have been comparatively free in the past, these secularists of the ruling class, in their positions of influence and power, want to get us from where we were to where they want us to be. In short, according to my lexicon, they want to enslave us. They would not put it that way, of course. They would say they simply want us to become more cooperative, civilized, and urbane, by which they mean far more docile

They really do want a great reset. They are not appalled at all by what is going down in Australia, and the only negative thing about all of that for them is that they think they might not be able to get away with the same kind of thing here. But if they could, they would. They want the emergency powers that they have seized in the name of this pandemic to remain in their hands forever so that they can shut down or steer whatever they want to whenever they want to….

In our community of believers here at Christ Church, our elders do not mandate or require anything with regard to masks or vaccines. Believers are free to come to worship God in a mask if their conscience permits or requires it. Our members are free to get vaccinated, and they are free to refrain. Nobody bothers anybody….

So we believe in liberty of conscience and we practice liberty of conscience.

Read the full article here.

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